WHMIS Training And Certification

WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. Ontario Ministry of Labour requires all employers to train their employees in the GHS WHMIS system. This is the global system that was created to make it universally available. Employers must ensure that their employees are trained in handling chemicals or other substances that could be hazardous. This system is designed to protect employees from dangerous or hazardous chemicals.
The WHMIS courses will help employees understand the meanings of symbols from both the old (1988) and the new (2015) systems. They will be able to safely transport, handle and dispose of substances. They will be able to comprehend and read the MSDS Material Safety Data sheets in an emergency. Training and certification in WHMIS are crucial to ensure that employees are safe and look out for others. Proper WHMIS training can not only be important, but it can also help to create a safe workplace environment. Our goal is to reduce workplace injuries and accidents.

The WHMIS program can be taken at our training center, or on-site. It lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours. All workplaces that are covered by O.H.S.A must have WHMIS training. Every year, employers must conduct an assessment to determine if worker retraining is necessary. If new materials are introduced to the workplace or workplace conditions change or new information is available on hazardous materials, retraining may be necessary.

Ontario Rules:

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Forklift Operator with pallet Walkie

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