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Walkie Training and Certificate We offer certification and walkie training in Brampton, the GTA. According to MOL regulations, every employer must ensure that its employees are properly trained and certified before they can operate an electric Walkie-Talkie (Pallet Truck). Every year, there are thousands of senseless accidents in Canada and the USA. These accidents can be caused by operators not following safety procedures (OSHA Safety Board). For preventing injuries, deaths, and accidents, effective Walkie Training is vital. We can all make our workplaces safer by doing our part. The walkie, also known as the electric hand truck or the pallet truck, is widely used for ground-level order picking. The walkie is small but versatile and can be used to load, offload and move freight around a facility. You can choose from shorter, walk-only versions or longer, ride-on models. Some even come with an extra booster to increase speed. All walkie trucks have the same basic features, but the controls placements and general “feel” might be different. However, once you are familiar with how they work, you’ll be able to adapt to any electric pallet tractor. The dangers of misuse of the walkie, even though it is small, should not be underestimated. Operators should be trained to understand the dangers of this small machine. The operator is exposed. Most electric walkies, unlike other forklifts, do not have a protected operator’s compartment. To avoid injury, the walkie operator should always be alert and aware. There are many models and designs of walkies. The most popular models include the Crown, Yale, Clark, and Raymond. These machines, which are also known as “Electric power trucks”, are powered by electricity. The operator will have completed the walkie certification course to learn how to properly care for the machine and battery maintenance.


What is covered in the Pallet Walkie Course?

Employers will be more likely to hire you if you have a certificate in counterbalance forklift. Operators who complete our counterbalance training course will be able to:
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Counterbalance Forklift can also be called the Sit-Down Counterbalance or Tow-Motor. This forklift is used in loading and unloading freight from and to transport trucks.

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Expert Forklift Training's Reach Forklift Operator Training Course teaches you how to inspect forklifts, safely operate them, and how move the machine.

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The narrow aisle truck family includes the Order Picker, also called the Cherry Picker. This truck can be used to lift the operator to and from rack locations.

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A Dockstocker is a counterbalanced truck that allows the operator to stand while operating the machine.

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According to MOL regulations, every employer must ensure that its employees are properly trained and certified before they can operate an electric Walkie-Talkie (Pallet Truck).

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Aerial Boom Lift is also known as Genie Boom. Expert Forklift Training's aerial boom lift training courses are OHSA-based and cover the various types of aerial platforms

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