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Imagine loading the oddly shaped material which requires great deal of effort to keep it at place during the movement otherwise it tends to fall or break. i.e., big roll of paper, because of its cylindrical shape it is risky to move it loosely, on the other hand making arrangements to keep such material at place require great deal of effort and consumes lot of time. To reduce the cost and time involved, Clamp forklift is evolved. It is pretty similar to traditional forklift lift but the only difference is that, an attachment is fastened to its mast. This attachment can fast the oddly shaped material temporality and can tread on any sort of surface securely. There is a variety of clamps available each one is suiting to the different shapes and sizes of the material. Despite its simple design, many accidents occur every year due the negligence of operator, lack training before operation, overloading etc.
By taking the closer look we observed the areas which meant to addressed to avoid any accidents. We classified our knowledge in various course. We have special arrangements for freshers as well for experience ones. We not only provide the knowledge in the class but expose the trainee to on-board training experience too. So, join us to make your career good in this domain and take maximum benefits from our training programmes


What is covered in the Clamp Forklift Course?

Employers always look for the candidate who is knowing the work. The courses give you edge over others and gives advantage to stand ahead.
clamp forklift

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