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How On-Site Forklift Training Can Save Your Business Valuable Time

Every business owner wants to increase efficiency and save money. Both of these goals can be achieved by forklift training. You must treat forklifts as if they were a large investment. Training your forklift operators annually can help you save both time and money.

1. Forklift Training Efficiency

Understanding the equipment is an important part of OSHA-certified forklift training courses. Although most employees will be able to tell you the type of forklift they have, how can they tell you how fast it can transport that load? It is important to familiarize yourself with the equipment so they can use it efficiently. Employees will be able to work faster once they have mastered the equipment.

Expert Forklift Training offers the best forklift training and order picker training in Brampton. This is a course that allows forklift training to be done at your place. Training can be conducted by your foreman, manager, or other employees. An appointment is not necessary every time a new employee begins or expires certification (which occurs every three years).

Training can also reduce downtime at your facility. An employee can get hurt in an accident with a forklift. The injured employee must be taken care of by someone else. Inventory damage can also be caused by accidents. Inventory damage can also occur if there is no inventory to move. A forklift can be damaged if it is involved in an accident. Employees must wait for the equipment to be repaired – this could take several weeks if Reliable is not called!

2. Continual safety

It’s not something you can learn and forget. It is a continuous, ongoing, and continually improving process. Regular forklift driver training is the best way to get the most out of it and ensure a safe working environment.

Regular training makes it much easier. It breaks down everything into smaller, more manageable pieces which allow for less downtime. If there were no safety benefits, the HSE guidelines would not recommend that ongoing training be done.

3. Forklift Training - Save Money

These accidents can cause more damage than just lost time. Consider the financial damage a forklift accident could cause. Begin with injury to or death of employees. If you fail to take the necessary precautions, the court dates, attorney fees, agreement payments and other legal proceedings could lead to bankruptcy.

Let’s now turn to inventory damage. How much would your company lose if ten percent or 25% of your inventory were damaged by a forklift accident.

Did your forklift get damaged in an accident? The repair costs can be expensive. You can rent equipment to help with the repairs.

OSHA can fine you even if your facility has zero accidents. OSHA can fine each untrained operator up to $7,000 For “willful violations”, which are usually multiple offenders or negligence, fines can reach up to $70,000. Training courses for forklifts can help employees get better. It is vital to make sure your employees are confident and knowledgeable as material handling equipment evolves. This will allow them to be more efficient. Training forklifts reduces inventory damage, injury to employees, equipment damage and other costs, all of which can help you save money.

Expert Forklift Training offers the best forklift training classes in Brampton. To maximize your effectiveness, our hands-on training is done at your location. Call us today to start your forklift training course and order picker course in Brampton.

4. Driver satisfaction

Forklift drivers will be happier if they have ongoing training. Employers who make a concerted effort in showing that they are willing to invest in their employees will always get a response. Continuous driver training shows that you are committed to improving their skills and that they are a valued member of your team.

Employers strive to increase employee happiness wherever possible. This is why it is so important for them to offer ongoing forklift training. Your drivers will be happier if they do a better job at their jobs.

Continuous training should be a key part of your business. It is best to make forklift driver training a core part of your business’s operations. You don’t need to grant any exceptions and your staff won’t be affected by any downtime. Like all things, the more you integrate continuous training into your business operations, and the easier it will be, the better. You can rent forklift to handle unpredicted high volumes.

Expert Forklift Training is here to help. We are experts in the best forklift training courses in Brampton and order picker training courses. We can provide our forklift drivers with the benefit of our extensive experience. We can create a training program that will work for you and increase your driver’s skills while staying within your budget.

Although it is not a legal requirement to train forklift drivers, the benefits make it one of the best investments you can make for your company. For more information or to discuss your customized forklift training program in Brampton, contact Expert Forklift Training.

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